If you’ve seen one of Donovan Deschner’s recent stand-up comedy shows you know he’s the proud (though tired) owner of a corgi named Molly. He recently combined his passion for his puppy with his new found 3D printing nerdiness. The result is the most adorable cookie cutter available from a stand-up comedian today.

Custom designed by Donovan himself and printed on his very own 3D printer (while he sits and watches intently), this is the perfect way to use baked goods to show your friends kind of what a corgi looks like.

More about the corgi cookie cutter:

  • Made from food-safe PLA plastic.
  • Free shipping in North America!
  • Cut out cookies are about 9cm by 9cm (or about 3.5″ by 3.5″).
  • The corgi’s ears are a different depth than the eyes and nose to make your baking even more dynamic!

Available now for $20 each including tax and shipping in North America. Click here to buy yours today!

Material: The corgi cookie cutters are made from food-safe PLA plastic (a type of plastic with an organic base – not a petroleum base). While PLA plastic is not recommended for food storage, the short amount of time that the cookie cutter is in contact with food makes it 100% safe to use so long as it is cleaned before and after each use. (This material is very sensitive to heat so do not place on or near any hot stove, in the dishwasher or near any other heat source.)

Dimensions: 86.5mm wide (from “head to tail”), 92.5mm tall (from “ears to feet”), 15mm deep (the “blade” part of the cutter)

Weight: 13g (0.5oz)

Colour: Currently only available in red (as pictured).

Through trial and error the following tips have been discovered to get the most out of your corgi cookie cutter:

  • Properly clean your cookie cutter before and after each use.
  • For best results while baking it is recommended that your dough is approximately 1cm (or about 6/16ths of an inch) thick.
  • To help keep the cookies together, like with many recipes, chill the rolled out dough in the fridge for one hour before cutting the cookies.
  • Rolling the dough out between two pieces of parchment paper (one under the dough and one between the dough and the roller) saves time during clean up!

It is recommended that the corgi cookie cutter is cleaned before and after each use as follows:

  • DO NOT PLACE IN A DISHWASHER. The material this cookie cutter is made of is very sensitive to heat. Dishwashers will melt the cookie cutter as will any other hot surface/area including but not limited to stoves and microwaves. To keep your cookie cutter in working order, keep it away from any and all heat sources.
  • Hand wash using lukewarm water and antibacterial* soap. If available, a soft brush can also be used (like an old toothbrush).
    • *Antibacterial soap is recommended because, as a result of the 3D printing process, microscopic holes in the design can form and house bacteria.


Donovan Deschner’s corgi, Molly, was the inspiration for this cookie cutter. If you’d like to get regular pictures of Molly be sure to follow her on Instagram.