Rave Reviews for Donovan Deschner

“Donovan Deschner is a very funny comic – which is a good thing for a comic to be. He’s lightning quick with ideas and what makes that even more amazing is that his ideas are always perfect.”

-Kevin McDonald, Kids In The Hall

“… an arts all star…”

-The Calgary Herald

“Donovan’s not just enormously funny, he’s also a skilled host.”
-James M, Producer, Comedy Monday Night

“(Donovan’s) was no set based on epistemological anemia, it was an enema designed to purge the up-tight, the morally pretentious, the ontologically challenged.”

-Richard Michelle-Pentelbury
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“Donovan captured the attention of the audience with his wit and charm. He was able to draw the audience in to his stories and engage them in his ‘on stage’ antics. It was fun and uplifting and ended our conference on an endorphin high with lots of warm laughter and a sense of fun in the air.”

-Judy-Ann W, Alberta Health Services