As a performer and producer, Donovan Deschner has been entertaining for well over 20 years. See for yourself how this “arts all star” keeps audiences everywhere in stitches…


As a performer and producer, Donovan Deschner has been entertaining for well over 20 years. See for yourself how this “arts all star” keeps audiences everywhere in stitches…




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Donovan Deschner has spent more than 20 years entertaining audiences both on stage and off. His commitment to prolific writing and performing led to his signature project 260 Minutes and his first full length stand-up comedy special, No Backup Plan. It’s this incredible output that led to the Calgary Herald dubbing him an “arts all star.”

When Donovan’s not performing on stage he’s working behind the scenes as a producer of other live events – bringing his unique insights to benefit a wide array of productions.

It’s this breadth of experience that ensures each of Donovan’s shows is hilarious, unique and interactive.

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“Donovan Deschner is a very funny comic – which is a good thing for a comic to be. He’s lightning quick with ideas and what makes that even more amazing is that his ideas are always perfect.”

-Kevin McDonald, Kids In The Hall

“Donovan captured the attention of the audience with his wit and charm. He was able to draw the audience in to his stories and engage them in his ‘on stage’ antics. It was fun and uplifting and ended our conference on an endorphin high with lots of warm laughter and a sense of fun in the air.”

-Judy-Ann W, Alberta Health Services

“(Donovan’s) was no set based on epistemological anemia, it was an enema designed to purge the up-tight, the morally pretentious, the ontologically challenged.”

-Richard Michelle-Pentelbury


Starting in May 2012 comedian Donovan Deschner began his most ambitious project, 260 Minutes, where he wrote, performed and posted online five brand new minutes of stand-up comedy every single week for an entire year. The culmination of some of the best material was assembled into his first full-length stand-up comedy special, No Backup Plan, now available for download!

The show loosely follows Donovan’s life as he went through his “year of new material.” You’ll hear about how he survived it, when he almost didn’t, a couple of would-be epiphanies and the “joke that got away.”

No Backup Plan was filmed in front of a live audience in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on November 15, 2014.


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Examples of Donovan’s work can be seen in a variety of videos online. Below are some samples from his stand-up comedy and sketch performances, randomly selected from his complete video library which can be seen here.

Donovan’s most prolific project, 260 Minutes, saw him post five new minutes of stand-up comedy every week for an entire year. The full 260 Minutes video archive is available online as well. The result of that process was Donovan’s first full stand-up special called No Backup Plan. You can learn more about the special or buy it now for $5.00.