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“But you’ve headlined before.” I heard that a couple of times after my first headlining weekend at my home comedy club two weeks ago. Yes, I’ve headlined before, but August 31 and September 1 was my premiere weekend as a headliner at Yuk Yuk’s Calgary and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Both shows went off without a hitch, I recorded a 260 Minutes set and the reviews from the audience were nothing but positive. Thanks to Ian Wallace for doing such a great job as the MC for the weekend (making my job slightly easier).

While I have headlined before, I was nervous about this particular weekend because it is a club that I hold in high esteem and it was a sort of “tester” weekend (hence just two shows) to see what I could do. While I haven’t heard back any specifics, I’m sure both you and I will see my headshot on the poster again sometime soon.

The conclusion of the show that Saturday marked the beginning of a short break in professional performing for me. I’ll still have 260 Minutes sets to do but won’t have any extended shows until September 22. Hopefully the break is refreshing and gives me a bit of time to prepare for the return of Red Carpet Comedy at the end of the month, the YYComedy Festival and to sort out the filming of a couple of showcase sets for various festivals.

As always, this blog is a great place to get updates on my schedule and I hope to see you at a show soon!

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